Top-Rated Lunch Spots in Addison, Texas

From Italian restaurants and classic burger joints to specialty shops, bars, and more

Published: June 13, 2023

Addison, Texas, is a great city to live in and explore. This vibrant North Dallas suburb has many options – from Italian restaurants and classic burger joints to specialty shops, bars, and more. But if you want the best of Addison’s culinary scene, head to one of these top-rated lunch spots! Here are our favorite spots offering delicious menu items that keep people coming back for more. From burgers to tacos, pizza to steaks – this list is likely to have something for you.

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago in Addison, Texas, is a local favorite. The restaurant serves classic American favorites like burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more with a twist – all made using fresh local ingredients. Their signature dish is the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, but they also have tacos, salads, and even some vegan options to try. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot for a casual night out. Plus, the prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous.

Sanabels Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Sanabels Mediterranean Bar & Grill in Addison, Texas, is the perfect place to experience an array of Mediterranean flavors. From traditional dishes like falafel and hummus to contemporary twists on classics, Sanabels is worth a visit. Start your meal with an appetizer like creamy baba ghanoush or crispy falafel served with a side of tzatziki sauce. Then move on to one of the many entrees available. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options such as moussaka and veggie platters.

Joe’s Italian Cafe

Joe’s Italian Cafe is another popular food spot in Addison, Texas. The place is known for delicious Italian food and a laid-back atmosphere. Joe’s Italian Cafe offers an extensive menu featuring classic Italian dishes such as lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, eggplant parmesan, chicken marsala, and much more. Each dish is cooked with the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes. The cafe also serves handmade pizzas made in-house daily. To top it off, the cafe features an extensive wine list and craft beer selection.

Zoli’s NY Pizza

Zoli’s NY Pizza is a unique pizza place in Addison, Texas, offering traditional New York-style pizzas with a modern twist. With its thick and chewy crust, robust tomato sauce, and mouthwatering toppings, Zoli’s NY Pizza is worth a visit if you’re craving pizza. At Zoli’s NY Pizza, they take pride in using the freshest ingredients available for their one-of-a-kind pizza. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic, so you know that your pizza is made with the utmost quality.

Ramen Hakata

Ramen Hakata in Addison, Texas, is an authentic Japanese ramen shop that offers a unique and tasty experience. The Hakata-style noodles are made fresh daily in the kitchen, giving them an unmistakable taste and texture. Customers can enjoy their ramen in several ways: with pork or chicken broth, vegetables, egg, pork belly chashu (braised pork), and more. There are also side dishes, such as gyoza (dumplings), vegetableura, and kimchi, to accompany your choice of ramen.

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