Top Museums to Visit in St. Louis, Missouri

There’s something here that will catch your eye

Published: July 4, 2023

Forbes Magazine once dubbed St. Louis, Missouri “the best city for art lovers” and with good reason! From the world-famous Gateway Arch to countless stunning works of art in its numerous museums, this amazing Midwest city is a must-see destination for anyone looking to explore some of the country’s most impressive artistic offerings. Whether you’re an aficionado of history or archaeology, modernist works, or classical sculptures, there’s something here that will catch your eye. Check out our list of top museums in St. Louis – it includes everything from interactive science centers to centuries-old galleries and can provide hours of entertainment for all ages.

City Museum

This discovery center, playground, and art installation in St. Louis, Missouri takes exploration to a whole new level. The City Museum is filled with unique art pieces and architecture from all around the world. From salvaged planes and buildings to caves and aquariums, this museum has something to offer everyone – it’s particularly popular among families due to its interactive approach to exploring.

Museum of Westward Expansion

Focused on the history of the West, the Museum of Westward Expansion is home to numerous artifacts, immersive exhibits, paintings, and sculptures that tell the story of our nation’s migration from East to West. The museum also features a collection of Lewis & Clark artifacts and documents, as well as a life-size replica of the Lewis & Clark expedition’s keelboat.

Missouri History Museum

This impressive museum focuses on St. Louis’s history and culture, showcasing everything from artifacts of the ancient Mississippian tribe to French settlers who lived in the area during the 18th century. The Missouri History Museum also features a collection of archival documents, photos, and objects that document St. Louis’s role in events such as the Louisiana Purchase, the Emancipation Proclamation, and more.

The Saint Louis University Museum of Art

Located on Lindell Boulevard, this museum is home to thousands of works of art from around the world. It has an impressive collection of modern and contemporary pieces, as well as a variety of Renaissance, Baroque, and American folk art. The Saint Louis University Museum of Art also showcases rotating exhibitions to keep its visitors intrigued.

Campbell House Museum

The Campbell House Museum is a living history museum that provides visitors with an inside look at life in the 19th century. This venue offers guided tours through the grand home of Robert Campbell, complete with period furniture and artwork. Special events are also held here throughout the year, such as lavishly-costumed teas and themed dinners like “Victorian Christmas Eve.”

Saint Louis Art Museum

The Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the most prominent museums in St. Louis and home to more than 30,000 works of art from all around the world. Its collection includes pieces from Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as American folk and contemporary art. The museum also hosts events such as concerts and lectures throughout the year, making it an ideal spot for art and culture lovers alike.

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