5 Inclusive Outdoor Playgrounds In Lincoln, Nebraska

Discover rich range of physical, sensory, and social experiences!

Published: February 8, 2023

Lincoln, Nebraska, is home to 92 playgrounds located in neighborhoods, communities and regional parks, as well as some unique playgrounds. The playgrounds and these parks are inspected daily and generally have a 25-year life cycle. An initiative is underway to make Lincoln playgrounds more inclusive.

An inclusive playground is where children of all abilities can play with a rich range of physical, sensory, and social experiences.

Pioneers Park Playground

Pioneers Park is home to the Pinewood Bowl facility, multi-use trails, playfields, playground areas, and the Pioneers Park Nature Center.

There are 668 acres of tallgrass prairie, woodlands, wetlands and a stream. Since 1963 the Nature Center has served the Lincoln area as an environmental education center and wildlife sanctuary.

With eight miles of hiking trails, wind through various habitats and take visitors past hawks, owls, bison, elk, and deer. Two interpretive buildings house hands-on and small animal exhibits.

The Edna Shield’s natural play area for children provides a place for kids to dig, build and climb.

The playground equipment is in good shape and big enough for quite a few kids. With shaded green space around the park, it’s an easy park for parents when the temperatures heat up in the summer.

Antelope Park Playground

This is one of the largest playgrounds in Lincoln. With two play structures, one is a smaller playground designed for younger kids. There are two baby safety swings near the younger child playground.

There is a large sandbox near that area as well.

The large play structure for older kids has many slides, climbing walls, tunnels, and ladders. It is adjacent to several swings.

This playground is plastic with a black mat ground covering that becomes hot in the summer sun. There are several benches situated around the playground.

Firetruck Park Playground

Geared towards younger kids, firetruck Park has many names by the locals: Memorial Park, Sand/Firetruck Park, Sheridan Park, Lead Paint Park (the lead paint is gone now), Secret Playground Park, and Fire Engine Park. It is a fun park with swings, lots of sand, a pretend fire truck, and an old-school merry-go-round.

With great morning shade, this is a perfect park on hot summer days.

There’s a beautiful little wetland area just North on the trail. They have markers for different areas of science, wetland habitat, and outdoor seating. Bring a picnic lunch and listen to the wildlife.

The rock island trail runs parallel to it. This is a perfect park for younger kids!

Pocras Park Playground

Inside the Country Club Neighborhood in central Lincoln is Pocras Park playground. Because of its shape, it is known to the locals as Triangle Park.

Located next to a big field, kids are free to run or play ball.

The playground is great for younger children. It has two regular swings and 2 baby swings. Like Antelope Park, the ground covering is a black mat covered in chalk drawings. Make sure to bring chalk so your little ones can add to the drawings.

The park does not have a lot of shade, so this park is suitable for early or late in the day.

Porter Park Playground

Fun hidden gem public playground with equipment for toddlers through big kids. It has large slides, ladders, poles, swings, an open grassy area, a basketball court and well-landscaped wetlands. The wetlands are great for watching/listening to birds, frogs, and insects.

Porter Park playground has enough equipment to keep kids entertained and can handle quite a few kids at a time.

Don’t forget to bring sand toys!

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