Fun Places to Visit in Charleston AFB, South Carolina

Published: June 21, 2023

Charleston Air Force Base, located in Charleston, South Carolina, is a quaint and charming city surrounded by many wonderful things to do. It boasts a unique cultural history with attractions for everyone, from young children to senior citizens. Whether looking for a day of adventure or relaxation, visitors will find much to explore within its boundaries. With plenty of dining and shopping opportunities, even those just passing through can have an unforgettable experience while exploring this historic area!

Charleys Cheesesteaks

Charleys Cheesesteaks is a must-visit spot for anyone on base. This family-run restaurant serves some of the most delicious Philly cheesesteaks in town, with generous portions and top-notch ingredients that will keep customers coming back for more. The outdoor seating area is especially popular during the warmer months, as guests can enjoy their meal al fresco while taking in views of the nearby marsh and harbor. The place is also known for its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere, making it a great spot to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

Alternate Track

Alternate Track in Charleston AFB, South Carolina, is a three-mile paved loop used by the 437th Airlift Wing for training and operational requirements. It provides an opportunity to practice emergency procedures in a secure environment under varying conditions of visibility and weather. The track is designed to simulate various airfield operations, including takeoffs, landings, missed approach maneuvers, go-arounds, and emergency procedures. The track is divided into two sections: the outer loop and the inner loop.

US Patriot

US Patriot is a company founded by US veterans that manufactures and sells a variety of apparel and gear in support of the United States military. The company has made its mission to honor, empower, and celebrate our nation’s heroes with high-quality products at competitive prices. US Patriot provides quality service to customers, both veteran and non-veteran alike. Their apparel and gear are made with attention to detail, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Joint Base Armory

Joint Base Armory is a gun shop in Charleston AFB, South Carolina, offering a variety of firearms and ammunition for purchase. The shop is staffed with knowledgeable personnel who take pride in helping customers find the perfect firearm to meet their needs. They also offer a selection of reloading components, accessories, and optics, as well as gunsmith services. Their goal is to provide superior customer service and assistance to ensure you have the best possible shopping experience.

Charleston Club

Charleston Club in Charleston AFB, South Carolina, is an exclusive members-only club with a unique atmosphere of traditional Southern elegance and hospitality. Found in 1943, the club offers a selection of amenities, such as private dining, fine wines and spirits, world-class entertainment, and more. Whether you’re looking for a place to have dinner with friends or relax after a long day, Charleston Club is the perfect choice. The club’s experienced and knowledgeable staff ensures that members receive a truly exceptional experience.

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