Best Food Spots in Garland, Texas

Great places for a quick bite between meetings or a leisurely dinner with family or friends

Published: March 1, 2023

Garland, Texas, is home to some of the best food spots around town. From down-home Southern cooking and BBQ joints to modern vegan cafés and hip eateries, Garland is a good place to be. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite between meetings or a leisurely dinner with family or friends, these local gems will have you wanting seconds. However, keep in mind the town has many more restaurants worth your attention – these are just some of our faves.

La Salsa Verde Taqueria

La Salsa Verde Taqueria is Garland’s favorite authentic Mexican restaurant that has served traditional Mexican dishes for nearly two decades now. From classic tacos and burritos to their signature salsas, La Salsa Verde is the place to visit if you’re craving Mexican food. The menu also features a variety of sides and desserts that make the perfect accompaniments to any meal. Plus, their outdoor seating area is a great spot for grabbing a snack and enjoying some sunshine on a warm Texas day.

The Family Donuts

The Family Donuts is an excellent food place to visit in Garland, Texas, especially if you’re craving a delicious donut. Located in the heart of town, The Family Donuts is a family-run business that has been providing sweet treats to its customers for years. At The Family Donuts, you’ll find an amazing selection of handcrafted donuts made with only the freshest ingredients. From classic glazed and chocolate frosted to unique flavors like maple bacon and banana nut, it’s easy to find something you like.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a California-based burger chain that is famous for its fresh, high-quality food. The burgers are made with 100% pure beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and a secret spread that make each burger truly one of a kind. Customers can also customize their orders with different combinations of condiments, including cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and the chain’s signature sauce. The one in Garland, Texas, is easy to get to, located right off I-30. In addition to the burgers, In-N-Out also offers a variety of other menu items.

De La Fuente Tacos de Birria

De La Fuente Tacos de Birria is another popular Mexican restaurant in Garland, Texas. The place is known for its delicious birria tacos, made with spicy stewed beef. The flavor profile of the dish is a combination of spices like cumin and chili pepper, which give it an intense taste that will linger in your mouth. In addition to the regular birria tacos, they also offer specialty items such as burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes.

Intrinsic Smokehouse Brewery + BBQ Catering

Intrinsic Smokehouse is one of the best breweries and restaurants in Garland, Texas. The place is famous for its excellent Texas-style BBQ and craft beer. Their top-notch selection of craft beers and spirits, alongside their imaginative menu and friendly atmosphere, make it a great place to eat, socialize, and enjoy some amazing food. Their brewery offers an extensive range of styles that include IPAs, stouts, lagers, porters, ales, and more.

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