4 Unique Restaurants to Try in Clarkston, Michigan

Food can be an amazing way to explore a city – and Clarkston, Michigan is no exception

Published: January 19, 2023

Food can be an amazing way to explore a city – and Clarkston, Michigan is no exception. This charming small town offers up some of the best cuisines in the area, from classic American dishes to more unique international flavors. In this article, we’ll take a look at four of the most popular restaurants in Clarkston that you should definitely try out. 

Honcho Latin Street Food & Coffee

Craving some Latin flavors? Then Honcho is definitely the place to go. From tacos and burritos to quesadillas and chips, you’ll find an abundance of delicious dishes here. And don’t forget their coffee – they offer a variety of signature drinks that will kick-start your day in style. If you’re looking for a unique restaurant experience, this is it. 

Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen

This restaurant is known for its classic American dishes, but what really makes Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen stand out is its commitment to using the freshest local ingredients. They offer a range of unique specialties that are sure to tantalize your taste buds – from burgers and barbeque to wine and cocktails. 

Union Woodshop

Another great restaurant in Clarkston is Union Woodshop, a local favorite for its slow-smoked barbeques and wood-fired pizzas. Whether you’re in the mood for some pulled pork sandwiches or brick oven lasagna, this is the place to go. Plus, they have a selection of craft beers to accompany your meal. There’s no better way to enjoy a meal! 

Bologna Trattoria

If you’re looking for some Italian flair, head to Bologna Trattoria. This cozy eatery serves up traditional dishes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy in a delightful setting. You can also enjoy their selection of wine and desserts while taking in the beautiful lake views. A little slice of Italy just a few miles away from downtown Clarkston. 

It’s always exciting to experience new and delicious foods. And with these four one-of-a-kind restaurants in Clarkston, Michigan, you’re sure to find something that will make your mouth water! Give them a try the next time you’re in town and you won’t be disappointed. Bon appétit!

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