Top Things to Do in Northglenn, Colorado

Our list of top attractions will certainly keep you busy while exploring all that Northglenn has to offer.

Published: December 23, 2022

Northglenn, Colorado is a vibrant and thriving municipality in the northern part of the state, offering plenty to explore and experience. Boasting some of the most stunning natural scenery in the country, this destination offers an abundance of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, camping grounds, and fishing lakes. It also provides plenty of cultural attractions like museums, historical sites, and parks – all within easy reach. With so many things to do in Northglenn as well as a wide range of great restaurants for food lovers, it’s no wonder that more people are discovering just how wonderful it is to live here, or visit for a few days. If you’re searching for some fun activities during your stay, our list of top attractions will certainly keep you busy while exploring all that Northglenn has to offer. 

Visit the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish

This historical church located in Northglenn, Colorado is one of the most beautiful in the area, boasting the impressive architecture and offering inspiring service. It is a popular site for both locals and visitors alike, who come here to appreciate its beauty and take part in some of the services held within. 

Catch a basketball game at The Courts

The Courts is one of the most popular sports venues in Northglenn, Colorado, and an excellent spot to catch a ball game. The venue features a full-sized basketball court and many amenities, including concessions stands and plenty of seating for visitors. Whether you’re looking to watch some professional athletes compete or just have an afternoon of recreational play with friends, this is the spot for you. 

Grab a slice of pizza at the Wheels On Fire Pizzeria

The Wheels On Fire Pizzeria is a local favorite for pizza lovers in Northglenn, Colorado. The restaurant serves up an array of delicious specialty pies, including the popular Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza and the veggie-packed Veggie Supreme. With its assortment of tasty appetizers and salads, it’s easy to understand why this spot consistently draws in long lines of hungry patrons. 

Enjoy a walk in Sperry Park

Sperry Park is a beautiful green space in Northglenn, Colorado. With its lush grassy areas and peaceful trails, it provides the perfect spot for a relaxing walk or jog. The park also features picnic tables where one can enjoy a delicious meal al fresco, as well as an array of playground equipment for kids to explore. 

Indulge in Mexican cuisine at Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant

Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant is a must-visit in Northglenn, Colorado if you’re in the mood for some delicious Mexican cuisine. The restaurant prepares mouthwatering tacos and burritos, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. With its fun atmosphere and friendly staff – it’s clear why this spot has become a popular dinner destination for both the locals and the visitors. 

Explore Webster Lake

Webster Lake, located in the E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park, is an ideal spot for fishing and other outdoor activities in Northglenn, Colorado. With its crystal clear waters, it gives you the opportunity to take a canoe or kayak out on the lake and enjoy some fresh air in the tranquil setting. The park also features several walking trails around the lake and plenty of wildlife – all of which can be observed from one of many scenic vantage points. 

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