Best Coffee Shops in Cypress, Texas

Best places to get your daily java fix in Cypress, Texas

Published: December 23, 2022

Are you a coffee lover searching for the best places to get your daily java fix in Cypress, Texas? We’ve done all the heavy lifting and created a comprehensive guide of our favorite coffee hotspots in the area. Our list takes into account each shop’s ambiance, quality of drinks, and food offerings so that no matter what type of cafe experience you’re after, one (or more) of these should satisfy your needs. Whether you prefer a cozy atmosphere with live music or simply need an energy-boosting espresso before tackling a morning meeting at work, we have something on offer. Keep scrolling to discover which cafes made it onto our ultimate guide of the best locations in town. 

Cafe ZunZun Coffee Roaster

If you want to experience the highest quality cup of coffee in Cypress, Texas, Cafe ZunZun Coffee Roaster is your go-to spot. This cafe offers a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for catching up with friends and family while enjoying a freshly brewed beverage. Plus, they roast their own beans in-house, so you know it’ll be packed with flavor and aroma. They also offer a selection of pastries, snacks, and sandwiches if you’re looking for something to pair with your coffee. 

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee & Bakery

For those who don’t just appreciate the taste of coffee, but also its artistry, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee & Bakery is the perfect place to stop while in Cypress, Texas. This cafe offers specialty drinks that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to drink. Plus, they bake their own pastries and desserts every morning so you can indulge in a sweet treat while sipping on your cup of joe. The warm atmosphere and murals on the walls also make this spot an ideal place to relax and enjoy a few hours of conversation with friends or family. 


No list of the best coffee shops in Cypress, Texas would be complete without a mention of Starbucks. This international chain is known for its quality coffees and a wide array of drinks to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, they have it all. Plus, their pastries and breakfast sandwiches add to the convenience factor, making this a great spot to grab something quickly. With free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating areas, you can also stay for a while if you need to get some work done. 

Plum Coffee Shop

For a unique experience that is both cozy and modern, Plum Coffee Shop is worth checking out. This cafe located in Cypress, Texas has been serving up delicious coffee since day one and continues to be a favorite spot for locals. They also offer a wide selection of teas, pastries, panini sandwiches, as well as smoothies and shakes, so you can find something to satisfy your cravings no matter the time of day. 

Crema Espresso Stand

Last but not least, Crema Espresso Stand in Cypress, Texas is where coffee enthusiasts can find the perfect cup of brew. This spot offers a wide selection of specialty drinks that can satisfy any craving. They also have an assortment of breakfast items including sandwiches and waffles for those looking for something on the savory side. 

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